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Workshop: The World in Pieces: Fragments and the Fragmentary

Thursday 23 January 2020 - Friday 24 January 2020
University Library
Witte Singel 27
2311 BG Leiden

The process of fragmentation is not isolated to any single academic discipline. Loss and
incompleteness in data can arise in all manner of ways, from inadequate experimental methods to
historical processes. Fragmentary material is found in many areas of both the sciences and the
humanities, and across disciplines there is a consistent desire to make use of such material, despite the difficulties, by using different techniques to render it into usable data.

Antje Wessels and Matthew Payne have invited specialists in fragments from a wide range of disciplines to explain how they engage with fragments, what particular methodological challenges the fragmentary poses for them, and what wider conceptual issues their treatment of fragments highlights.

On Thursday 23rd January these specialists will be presenting specific casestudies in brief segments about issues with fragments and the fragmentary in their own disciplines, with opportunities for audience Q+A. There will also be a small exhibition featuring items from the special collections of the Leiden University library and the papyrology institute.
The event will run from 2.00-5.30. It is open to all but registration is essential.

A closed session will also be taking place on Friday 24th January, from 9.30-17.30, featuring longer presentations from each of our specialists, and there will be a few places open to interested parties from any related fields to come and participate in the discussions.

The invited specialists are:
Adriaan van der Weel (Media Studies, discussing fragmented reading in the internet age)
Sebastian Ahnert (Mathematical physics, on how network analysis combines isolated material)
Gesine Manuwald (Classics, discussing the editing of fragmentary works)
Arnout Koorneef (Educational psychology, on how to reconstruct cognitive processes)
Monica Berti (Classics, discussing the creation of online digital fragment editions)
Helen Walasek (Cultural heritage, on the assessment of monuments destroyed by war)
Laura Swift (Classics, discussing modern performance of ancient fragmentary plays)

For further information, please contact m.f.payne@hum.leidenuniv.nl.
To register, please email worldinpieces2020@gmail.com.
A full programme will be circulated to registrees.


Letter on Papyrus (Papyrus Leid.Pap.Inst. inv. 172=SB 6.9617)
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