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Violent conflict and Peacebuilding in the Era of Climate Change

Friday 31 January 2020
Anna van Buerenplein 301
The Hague

A short summary of the seminar:

How to create environmental security in the age of climate change? How does Peace Building take into account the relation between environment and conflicts? This seminar will explore the latest research on these issues, discussing legal and political perspective. Daniëlla Dam-de Jong is a legal scholar, Associate professor at the Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies, and a recognized  expert on the relation between Peace, Security, Conflict and environmental security.  Babak Rezaeedaryakenari is Assistant Professor at the Institute of Political Studies, studying violence, conflict resolution, and the role of environmental factors.

The interdisciplinary Leiden Environment Seminar brings together scholars from across disciplines and faculties to open up conversations about environmental issues.

Speakers: there are two presenters: Daniëlla Dam-de Jong, and Babak Rezaeedaryakenari.


Building a sustainable peace: How peace processes shape and are shaped by the international legal framework for the governance of natural resources

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