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Reading group BaSIS project

During the spring semester of 2019, the BaSIS project organizes a reading group on "Information structure in Bantu languages".

Possible background reading: Van der Wal, Jenneke. 2015. Bantu Syntax. Oxford Handbooks Online.


Date Material
20/02/2019 Güldemann, Tom, Sabine Zerbian & Malte Zimmermann. 2015. Variation in Information Structure with Special Reference to Africa. Annual Review of Linguistics 1.155-78.
06/03/2019 Van der Wal, Jenneke. 2017. What is the conjoint/disjoint alternation? Parameters of variation. In J. van der Wal & L.M. Hyman (eds.), The conjoint/disjoint alternation in Bantu, 14-60. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.

Downing, Laura. 2011. The Prosody of “Dislocation” in Selected Bantu Languages, Lingua 121:772-786.


Sasse, Hans-Jürgen. 2006. Theticity. In  G. Bernini & M. Schwarz (eds), Pragmatic organization of discourse in the languages of Europe, 255-308. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.

17/04/2019 Bostoen, Koen, and Léon Mundeke. 2011. Passiveness and Inversion in Mbuun (Bantu B87, Drc). Studies in Language 35 (1). 72-111.
01/05/2019 Yoneda, Nobuko. 2011. Word Order in Matengo (N13): Topicality and Informational Roles. Lingua 121 (5). 754-71.
15/05/2019 Güldemann, Tom. 2016. Maximal backgrounding = focus without (necessary) focus encoding. Studies in Language 40(3). 551 - 590
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