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Niko Tinbergen lecture 2019: Stem cells, mini organs and eternal life

Tuesday 10 December 2019
Gorlaeus Lecture Hall
Einsteinweg 57
2333 CC Leiden

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Niko Tinbergen lecture

Welcome to the completely renewed Niko Tinbergen lecture!

Together with the Biowetenschappen en Maatschappij foundation, the Faculty of Science is launching a new series of Niko Tinbergen lectures. This annual lecture was a household name in the Netherlands between 2003 and 2013, with major speakers such as Frans de Waal and Richard Dawkins. From 2019, the lecture will continue in a new formula, with short lectures by young, up-and-coming science talents prior to the main speaker and with an interactive programme.

The Biowetenschappen en Maatschappij foundation celebrates its fiftieth anniversary in 2019. The aim of the foundation is to show how science contributes to societal challenges. The new Niko Tinbergen lecture also addresses this question. In the 2019 edition, geneticist and former KNAW president Hans Clevers introduces his audience into the world of stem cells, CRISPR-Cas and mini-organs. Can they lead man to eternal life in the future?

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