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Festival | Middle Eastern Culture Market 2019

Our Footsteps by AstaroTheatro

Sunday 1 December 2019
Performances @ Middle Eastern Culture Market 2019
Rijksmuseum van Oudheden
Rapenburg 28


Migrants’ narratives as an artistic affirmation of our human dignity and a call for political awareness

Twenty migrants/refugees artists or performers in ten languages. The result of five months of playful improvisational rehearsals, where through self-representation, migrants share stories of their journey and living in the Netherlands facing a long-lasting uncertainty after having crossed many, colonial, borders.

We believe arts need to engage society; they need to represent today’s turmoil. To this end we come together as migrants, political refugees and locals in order to create a performance: an act of theatre, poetry, music, performance art, choreography. And an act of activism, of human and political togetherness. Projects such as this one are seldom seen in the Netherlands. Hence our artistic intervention. It’s time to stop seeing the migrant as ‘problematic’ or ‘troublesome.’ It’s time to go beyond the politics of social segregation as a mass distraction.

Our performance seeks to transcend the political pitfalls of discrimination and hate peculiar to our present and confused world. We want our performance to be a safe haven, a place where diversity is richness and discrimination can only vanish.

A project by AstaroTheatro, IIRE and Stichting Vrolijkheid

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