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Science & Cinema

Monday 4 November 2019 - Friday 8 November 2019
Leiden and The Hague

Film & Science

The Leiden International Film Festival (LIFF) has made a name for itself at home and abroad. Ten days packed with premières, special film events, parties and more. The programme includes over 100 films each year, varying from arthouse to mainstream (and everything in between). This year, LIFF and Leiden University have joined forces, and to celebrate Leiden University’s 444th anniversary, they have come up with a special ‘Science & Cinema’ programme comprising 4 films at 4 locations on 4 evenings, for the special price of €4.44!

Four films through the eyes of science

- Monday 4 November at 19:30 ‘Behind the curve’ (Flat Earthers) in the Grand Auditorium of the Academy Building. Researchers: Victor Gijsbers and Frans van Lunteren (in English)

- Tuesday 5 November at 19:00 ‘In the Loop’ (fake news)  at Wijnhaven, The Hague, on the Spanish Steps.* Researcher: Alexander Pleijter (in English)

- Wednesday 6 November at 17:30 ‘Robin’ (interactive film) at Trianon 3. 
Robin is the first Dutch interactive animation film, a unique project from the National Science Agenda and a collaborative project between academics and screenwriters. 

- Friday 8 November at 19:30 ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ (Operation Lune) Fake moon landing in C1.02 in the Old Observatory. Researcher: Francisca Concha-Ramirez (in English)  

*We will provide headphones.

See the website for the full programme

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