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RISE Symposium 2019: Science for a Viable Society

Thursday 21 November 2019
Gorlaeus Building
Einsteinweg 55
2333 CC Leiden
Havinga lecture room

On November 21, the Researchers in Science for Equality (RISE) network will present a symposium for the Science Faculty with the theme "Science for a Viable Society". The focus of the talks will be on how (fundamental) scientific research can help solve problems of societal interest, such as e.g. the energy transition to sustainable alternatives, cancer research, or how to sustain a high level of biodiversity on our planet.

The programme of this exciting day will include talks from:

The symposium will be moderated by Ans Hekkenberg.
It will take place in the Havinga lecture room (Gorlaeus building) and is free of charge (including coffee/tea, lunch and drinks afterwards).
Please register for this symposium by filling in the form below.

We are looking forward to welcome many of our Faculty community (scientific and support staff, PhD students, postdocs) on this day!

On behalf of RISE,
Irene Groot
Miranda van Eck
Martina Vijver


09.00-09.30    Arrival/Coffee/Tea    

09.30-09.45    Opening/Welcome by Ans Hekkenberg

09.45-10.10    Felienne Hermans (LIACS)
The role of metaphors in programming education

10.10-10.35    Laura Heitman (LACDR)
Rethinking drug discovery - novel drug-target concepts as an essential paradigm

10.35-11.05    Coffee/Tea

11.05-11.30    Ellen Cieraad (CML)

11.30-12.00    Martina Huber (LION)
Fundamental Research into Neurodegenerative Disease - How Wide is the Gap?

12.00-13.00    lunch    

13.00-13.50    Anna Akhmanova (Utrecht University)
Regulation of microtubule organisation and dynamics: seeing proteins and drugs in action

13.50-14.15    Yamila Miguel (Observatory)
Exoplanets: discovering the nature of strange new worlds

14.15-14.40    Lies Bouwman (LIC)
Development of an ethene sensor using copper compounds

14.40-15.10    Coffee/Tea    

15.10-15.35    Annemarie Meijer (IBL)
Good riddance: fighting tuberculosis by autophagy

15.35-16.00    Vivi Rottschäfer (MI)
Mathematics for the brain

16.00-16.15    Johanna Schild (WUR)
Perceptions of local water quality: time for women to rule the world?

16.15-16.30    Closure/Goodbye by Ans Hekkenberg

16.30-18.00    Drinks

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