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PhD Career Event

Life after the PhD

Thursday 7 November 2019
Pieter de la Court
Wassenaarseweg 52
2333 AK Leiden

Explore your career opportunities

The PhD Career Event 2019 Life after the PhD is approaching and an inspiring programme is waiting for you!

Explore different career opportunities. Do you stay in academia or not? What are the alternative possibilities and how do you put your acquired skills to good use? Furthermore, you can attend workshops on personal branding, networking and more.

We also invited PhD alumni, currently working in different sectors to share their experience with you. 
The afternoon will be closed with network drinks
with alumni and HR-professionals who will provide information on the PhD career portal. Participants may send their CV and LinkedIn profile for a check to HR-professionals by November 15.


11.30-12.15 | Registration, lunch and photos for your CV (central hall)
12.15-12.20 | Welcome by Kristiaan van der Heijden, member of the Faculty Board FSW (central hall)
12.25-13.55 | 
Workshops round 1

  • Find your transferable skills - Herz trainingen / Jessica Tummers (1A37)
  • A Creative View on Your Career - ElroyCOM / Mark van der Zwan (1A22)
  • Work on your personal questions about finding your next career step - Samula Mescher [FULL] (1A23)
  • Personal branding – Bureau Beaufort / Chris Potter (1A21)
  • Persuasive networking - ElroyCOM / Jack de Vringer (1A24)
  • What a Charisma! - ElroyCOM / Elroy Cocheret (1A33)

13.55-14.15 | Coffee break and photos for you CV
14.15-15.45 | Workshops round 2 

  • Find your transferable skills - Herz trainingen / Jessica Tummers (1A37)
  • A Creative View on Your Career - ElroyCOM / Mark van der Zwan (1A22)
  • Work on your personal questions about finding your next career step - Samula Mescher [FULL] (1A23)
  • Personal branding – Bureau Beaufort / Chris Potter (1A21)
  • Persuasive networking - ElroyCOM / Jack de Vringer (1A24)
  • What a Charisma! - ElroyCOM / Elroy Cocheret (1A33)

15.45-16.00 | Coffee break and photos for your CV 
16.00-16.40 | Alumni sessions

  • Session a+b | FSW & FGGA
  • Session c+d | Humanities & Archaeology

16.45-18.00 | Networking drinks

Throughout the day:

  • Professional photographer (11.30-18.00) (1A12)

Before or after the event:

  • LinkedIn/CV check by HRM professional


The PhD career event is free for PhD candidates and postdocs from the faculties of Archaeology, Governance and Global Affairs, Humanities, and Social and Behavioural Sciences. PhD candidates from the ASCL and ICLON are welcome, too, but are charged a fee of € 100,-.

Registration has been closed. If you have registered, you will receive an e-mail with more details soon. If you have questions, you may contact phdcareerevent@hum.leidenuniv.nl

All PhD candidates attending will receive a certificate of 8 hours transferable skills.


Workshop descriptions

As a PhD student or postdoc who enters the job market, you should know your own skills and should be able to communicate them. That is difficult. Most scientists can present their scientific knowledge, their research- and their practical skills very well. They are, however, less aware of the social, communication and directing skills they have.

Don’t forget you have experience with completing your thesis, maybe also with applying for grants, organizing conferences and directing other co-workers. You clearly possess a collection of skills you could see as your ‘Transferable Skills’; these are skills you can use in any situation and which make you valuable for the job market.

With use of some practical exercises this workshop will make sure you get a better view on your own skills. You also will be able to present them with the use of good examples during e.g. a job interview.

Thinking about where you want to be in the future and planning your career, is only one of the strategies available. Actually, studies on career development show that such a planned strategy is not a reality for many scientists. Going for what drives you, and simply trying various aspects of jobs are two other valid strategies. Therefore, your view on your career can be much more open than you might think, and turning on your ‘creativity engine’ is what this course offers you.

In a creative setting, the trainer challenges your brain to reflect on current skills you may be able to translate to other types of jobs. Participants then actively brainstorm and discuss what motivates them, and who they are.

Active and evidence-based creativity exercises help you to open up and broaden your view on the past and the future. The result of this course is a clear personal compass that gives a sense of career direction, and helps you to base your career decisions on!

In addition, we build a pitch that you can use in job interviews, and we practice such a job interview with a professional academic training actor.

About the trainer - Mark van der Zwan MSc

Mark van der Zwan MSc is a senior trainer at ElroyCOM Training, with a background as a technical engineer at the Technical University of Eindhoven (TU/e). He creates a can-do atmosphere with an ease that is liberating to see. For 20 years, Mark has combined active exercises with his background knowledge of each subject he trains. He is a proponent of learning by doing, and doing first, theory second. Mark specialises in communication, leadership and (project) management, and impact-training.

During this workshop you will have the opportunity to pick my brain, get advice and ideas on your questions regarding finding your next job inside or outside academia. You can ask me practical questions, but you can also talk about any fears you have or barriers you see in finding your next step. Or you can ask me about my own career steps and choices. I will bring my experience as a career coach, my experience as a former academic, and over 11 years of experience in different roles and functions both in non-profit and commercial organizations, to answer your questions.

This is a highly interactive workshop that will only bring you value when you prepare and share your questions during the workshop. To help you prepare you will receive a few short questions from me before the workshop.

About the trainer - Samula Mescher

Samula Mescher really knows from experience what science asks of you but also what the world outside academia asks of you.  Samula obtained her PhD on the topic of work-life balance (2011) and worked in science for 11 years. In addition she has over 10 years of experience outside academia. As a management consultant, policy advisor, HR advisor and entrepreneur, Samula has experienced many organizations and sectors from the inside.  As a coach and trainer, Samula helps scientists like you with making choices and taking confident steps that really suit your dreams and talents, while also  taking good care of yourself along the way. 

Personal branding is the key to profiling yourself in a strong way. And this goes beyond verbal qualities! During this workshop, we take a look at how you can strengthen your personal brand. How do you want to be perceived and remembered? We will answer the following questions: What is personal branding? Is there a difference between men and women in how they promote themselves within a company?

Why is it - especially in the current economy - smart and useful to brand yourself?

How can personal branding increase not only your success but also your happiness at work?

How do you create a brand, how do you use your talents and qualities to strengthen your personal brand?

About the trainer - Chris Potter specialist Personal Branding & Pitching (Bureau Beaufort)

Chris was an experienced marketeer before she started her company Bureau Beaufort, now 10 years ago. She helps professionals to increase their visibility, strengthen their qualities and develop their talents. In order to increase their success. She is a key note speaker, develops workshops and presentations on personal branding, elevator pitches and LinkedIn. Chris is a well-known speaker in this field (Speakers Academy, Athenas) and stands out because her amazing people skills.

This workshop is all about Networking as a conversation skill. With the help of a professional training actor, we practice how to approach someone at a meeting or conference. How to prepare for a network conversation; What questions to ask; How to create interest in what you do and who you are; How to persuade someone to set up a cooperation. This fun and slightly chaotic workshop will help you to increase your professional visibility by networking!

Why is this so important? An effective network helps you get spotted by scouts and to find job vacancies. Then, when people hire you for a job, it is for three reasons: you are good at your job, they like you personally, and you bring in interesting contacts in your network. So a good network and communication skills are necessary for you to find job opportunities and to get selected.

You will see that there are different types of network conversations. While preparing and doing network conversation exercises with the other participants or with the actor, you find out how to get what you want. You can choose your own network conversation style, and get inspired by others. You will see that a stranger is a friend you just haven’t met yet.

About the trainer - Jack de Vringer

Jack de Vringer LLM is an alumnus of the Faculty of Law of the University of Amsterdam (UvA) who then did a Master in organizational management. With over 10 years of experience as a trainer at for instance one of the biggest training agencies in The Netherlands (Boertien), he now focuses on training scientists. Jack specializes in leadership and management training, personal branding, convincing and entrepreneurialism. He combines his powerful presence and his sense of humour to activate participants and let them try new things.

A powerful personal charisma has great effect on your capacity to captivate people. It helps you to stand out and be noticed. Improving your personal charisma will aid you in network conversations, job interviews, management skills and professional presentations. Work on these skills and make people believe in you!

In this workshop we look for competencies to improve your charisma. We illustrate the effect of non-verbal communication, movement, the use of your voice, active and self-confident language and conversation skills.

We practice these skills with a professional training actor in situations in which a powerful charisma is necessary. The participants create an elevator pitch that presents their strengths and qualities, practice a network conversation and various other situations.

We share tips and tricks that help you to captivate your audience with your powerful presence. How to be authentic, open, accessible, trust-worthy and how to speak with self-confidence. A workshop you won’t easily forget!

About the trainer - Dr Elroy Cocheret de la Morinière

Dr Elroy Cocheret de la Morinière is a former assistant professor Science & Society at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam (VU), The Netherlands. Was the chief coordinator of two successful Master programs Communication at the Radboud University and the VU. He founded ElroyCOM Training in 2005 and has directed the company into quality and growth. As a trainer, he passionately helps participants in courses to develop to be the people they want to be. Supporting, confronting and with a great sensitivity for creating a safe environment, his participants readily makes big leaps in their development.

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