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Lecture | LUCIS Lecture

Learning and Unlearning from the Tunisian Model

Friday 1 November 2019
Open to all, free ticket reservation required
Turfmarkt 99
2511 DP The Hague

We need to rethink the future of democracy and regenerate a workable strategy to avoid the rule of populists,  Mediocrats (Mediocracy)* and Ineptocrats (Ineptocracy). This process of rethinking this model is for the security of future generations.  Tunisia needs an Economy for employment and employability: it is good to have a diploma but better to have a job, an Economy needs not to sacrifice people but to finance projects for people, an economy that serves social civil beings, not economic beings, Tunisia needs an economy of anti-corruption not for corruption.  It needs a mobilization not to redistribute the misery but to redistribute the wealth based on the value of “working” not “jobbing”. 

About Touhami Abdouli

Prof. Touhami Abdouli (Ph.D. in Arab Islamic Civilization Studies) has been teaching at the University of Sousse Tunisia, Sophia University Japan, Roma Tre Italy, Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilizations AKU, London. He was Secretary of State of Tunisia for European,  Arab and African Affairs 2011-2016,  and Special Envoy of the President of Tunisia to African countries (2015-2016). He is the founder of the "Mediterranology" as a science of studying the Mediterranean Systems and the author of “The Prophet Abraham in the Arab Islamic Culture”, (2001),  “Monarchy and Society in Morocco”  (2003), “The Crisis of the Religious Knowledge”  (2006), “Islam of Kurds” ( 2010),  “From the Politicized to the Rationalized Union for the Mediterranean” 2014. From 2011 he focused on studying the issues of the Arab Spring and the new political changes. He is also the foundation general director of the Al Babtain Cultural Foundation. 

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