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12th Siebold Conference Leiden

Friday 1 November 2019 - Saturday 2 November 2019
University Library
Witte Singel 27
2311 BG Leiden
Vossius & Heinsius Hall


DAY I – 1 November, University Library Leiden, Vossius & Heinsius Hall

Session I – Siebold: New Studies on his collaborators

09:30-10:00    Income and registration

10:00-10:15      Kurt de Belder Director University Library
                            Welcome speech

10:15-10:20      HORINOUCHI Hidehisa Ambassador of Japan to the Netherlands
                            Words of welcome

10:20-10:45      Nadia Kreeft, Leiden University Library
                            Rudolf Effert, LIAS-Leiden University
                            General remarks and announcements

Chair: Sven Osterkamp

10:45-11:10      Koos Kuiper, Leiden University
                           Guo Chengzhang & Siebold
11:10-11:25      Q&A

11:25-11:50      Isabel Tanaka-Van Daalen, The University of Tokyo
                           Siebold’s informant the interpreter Ichigorō Inabe
11:50-12:05      Q&A

12:05-13:30      Lunch break (lunch provided for speakers and authors only)

Session II – Siebold: New Studies on his collaborators

Chair: Rudolf Effert

13:30-13:55      Steven Hagers, Leiden University
                           Hoffmann &  Siebold
13:55-14:05      Q&A

14:05-14:30      Jim Bernard, Independant Researcher
                            Prince Hendrik & Siebold
14:30-14:40      Q&A

14:40-15:10      Pause

Siebold – new studies on  his context and collections
Chair: Andreas Mettenleiter

15:10-15:35      Rudolf Effert, Leiden University
                           Thoughts On Siebold’s ethnography and museology
15:35-15:45      Q&A

15:45-16:10      Ilona Bausch, Leiden University  
                           Siebold’s Archaeology
16.10-16:20      Q&A

16:20-16:45      Sven Osterkamp, Bochum University
                            Medhurst’s Japanese Dictionary
16:45-16:55      Q&A

16:55-17:20      Radu Leca, Heidelberg University
                           Towards a Reassessment of Siebold’s Use of Maps

17:20-17:30      Q&A

Afterwards drinks in the university library


DAY II - 2 November, Leiden University Library, Vossius & Heinsius Hall

Morning Session

Session III – Siebold - new studies on his collections
Chair: Takenori Sasaki

10:00-10:30      Melissa Rinne, Kyoto National Museum - Oyama Yuzuruha, Tokyo National Museum
                             New Discoveries among Textiles in the Siebold Collection
10:30-10:40      Q&A

10:40-11:05      Daan Kok, National Museum of Ethnology
                            Folding screens in Siebold’s time: Nagasaki painter networks and subjects for export
11:05-11:15       Q&A

11.15-11.45      Pause

chair: Rudolf Effert

11:45-12:10      Andreas Mettenleiter, Siebold Museum Würzburg
                           Ignaz Doellinger - Philipp Franz v. Siebold's teacher, mentor, friend and protector
12:10-12:20      Q&A

12:20-12:40      Aafke van Ewijk, Leiden University
                            Sonogi’s first letter to Siebold

12:40-13:00      Wilhelm Adelmann, Siebold Archiv Brandenstein

13:00-14:30      Lunch break (lunch provided for speakers and authors only)

Session IV – Natural history

Chair: Takenori Sasaki

14:30-14:55       Hideaki Ohba, The University Museum, The University of Tokyo; Shinobu Akiyama, National Museum of Nature and Science; Gerard Thijsse, Naturalis Biodiversity Center; and Hajo Esser, Staatliches Herbarium, München
                            Siebold botanical collection distributed from Leiden and Munich
14:55-15:05      Q&A

15:05-15:30      Jeroen Goud, Naturalis Biodiversity Center
                           What happened with the animals collected by von Siebold
15.30-15.40      Q&A

15:40-16:10      Pause

16:10-17:40      General meeting
chairs: Takenori Sasaki & Rudolf Effert & Sven Osterkamp

Agenda Proposal:
The future cooperation between The Netherlands, Japan and Germany
The ISRC in Germany 2021
The ISRC in Japan 2023
Plans for publications and how to keep each other informed on future publications
The use of archives
Towards an overview of all Siebold related publications
Is a younger generation of Siebold researchers coming?

19:00  Dinner Restaurant Verboden Toegang Kaiserstraat 7, 2311GN Leiden (for speakers and authors only)

Sponsored by

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The Isaac Alfred Ailion Fund, Leiden University

Toshiba International Foundation

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