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Debate | Construction Grammar Discussion Group

‘On the Dutch temporal adverbial goed en wel’

Wednesday 16 October 2019
Construction Grammar Discussion Group (2019-2020)
Van Wijkplaats
Van Wijkplaats 4
2311 BX Leiden


The paper investigates the origin, the development, the semantics and the pragmatics of the temporal use of the Dutch expression goed en wel 'good and well'. After a brief discussion of the other usage possibilities, we argue that the expression has developed into an indicator of the end of a preparatory phase or transition period, as well as a marker of the beginning of a new state. We observe that temporal goed en wel always requires a secondary state of affairs that is temporally related to the transition point initiating the primary state of affairs, and we show that the expression is increasingly being employed for rhetorical purposes.

If you would like to attend and receive the text to be discussed, please contact Maaike Beliën.

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