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Limitless instruments at WAVELENGTH

Saturday 19 October 2019
Part of the festival WAVELENGTH
BioPartner 3
Galileiweg 3
2333 BE Leiden

How does an instrument determine the content of a composition?

And what if the instrument can adapt to the composer and not the other way around? The Dudok Quartet explains the development of the bow and the influence on the possibilities of their string instruments. Does a bow from 1770 sound different than today? How does the ability of the instrument influence the composer? Researcher, guitarist and composer Aart Strootman turns the issue around and finds out what happens if composers are not limited by the possibilities of an instrument.

Saturday 19 October 14h00 (75 min) 

Artists: Dudok Kwartet Amsterdam

Haydn - String Quartet opus 20 nr. 3 in G minor                  
Brahms - String Quartet opus 51 nr. 1 in C minor

BioPartner 3
Galieiweg 8, 2333 BE Leiden

Tickets €14,-

Dudok Kwartet Amsterdam - String Quartet nr. 15: Alla marcia - Beethoven | Podium Witteman

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