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Lecture | Co-launch

LIAS Network Launch

Wednesday 30 October 2019
Matthias de Vrieshof
Matthias de Vrieshof 3
2311 BZ Leiden
104 (Verbarium)

Co-launch of two LIAS networks: Cultural Production and Early Modernity Matters.



Network Presentations
Elena Paskaleva and Gabrielle van den Berg, Cultural Production
Fan Lin and Doreen Mueller, Early Modernity Matters

13.30 – 13.40  

Q & A

13.40 – 14.40  Research Presentations 
13.40 – 13.50 Jingjing Li (Philosophy),  What does it mean to say that Buddhism in China and Japan has been modernized?
13.50 – 14.00        Tina Dermois (LIAS), From elite practice to popular leisure: the role of visual artists and amateur practitioners in modernizing Noh drama
14.00 – 14.10    Q & A 
14.10 – 14.20 Guita Winkel (LIAS), Between science and popular culture: situating pet guide books in Tokugawa Japan
14.20 – 14.30        Victor Xu (LIAS), Gustatory Modernity: Dried Sea Food in Seventeenth Century China 

Q & A

14:40-15:00            Concluding Discussion, Future Network Plans


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