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European Counterterrorism Intelligence Cooperation: Origins, Benefits and Risks

Friday 11 October 2019
Koningin Julianaplein 10 (13th floor)
2595 AA The Hague

About the lecture:

The lecture will focus on counterterrorism intelligence cooperation. In order to overcome current internal security challenges, posed for instance by Islamic terrorism, it is pertinent to look at how states faced a similar challenge in the past. The lecture is based on hitherto unedited archival records about a counterterrorism intelligence-sharing liaison called Kilowatt, established in 1971 relating to the issue of Palestinian terrorism. Included in the liaison were nine Western European countries, in addition to the US, Israel, Canada, and Australia. In the lecture, I will outline the mechanisms this form of cooperation employed and highlight the role Israel played in this framework. Since Kilowatt’s successor and its original umbrella, the Club de Berne, currently still exist in a similar setting, I will sketch out to what extent security cooperation with Middle-Eastern partners is strategically relevant and important for today. I will particularly focus on the potential costs and benefits for European intelligence agencies. This lecture thus aims to address the important question of how intelligence agencies responded to the challenge of international terrorism in the past, and the lessons this experience might hold for the present.

About the speaker:

Dr. Aviva Guttmann is a Research Associate in Intelligence and International Security in the department of War Studies, King’s College London. Aviva specializes in counterterrorism intelligence cooperation. She was the first to publish about the mechanisms and politics of the Club de Berne, an important multilateral counterterrorism intelligence-sharing forum founded in 1969. Building on the Club de Berne records, her current and future research centers on Western intelligence during the Cold War in Europe and the Global South. 


Please send an e-mail to Clotilde Sebag confirming your attendance. 

Dr. Aviva Guttmann
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