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Archaeology Today

Saturday 12 October 2019
Van Steenis
Einsteinweg 2
2333 CC Leiden

Discover the Faculty of Archaeology

The Leiden Faculty of Archaeology is opening its doors on 12 October. Come face to face with the past, get hands-on with archaeological materials and explore Leiden’s past!

In this unique, free event, the Faculty of Archaeology has joined forces with Leiden’s Municipal Heritage Department. The activity falls within the scope of the National Archaeology Days, and the 444th-anniversary celebrations of Leiden University.

What to expect?

  • Workshops by archaeologists and specialists, including the municipal archaeologist
  • Practicals in our laboratories with archaeological materials
  • Archaeology Pub Quiz
  • Short lectures on the archaeology of Leiden
  • Faculty tours
  • VR-excavation
  • Activities for children

A large portion of the programme will be in Dutch, but there will be plenty for English speakers to see and do as well! 

Check out the programme on the Dutch website for a non-exhaustive list of activities in Dutch.

Some of the activities in English

Consider this: you are an archaeologist and you find a medieval cesspit. What will you do with the contents? Archaeobotanist Mike Field will take you on a trip to the wonderful world of medieval poop.

Please note that the number of visitors is limited. 

As a skeleton we all look similar. Or do we? After this workshop you will know how to define the sex and age of the deceased, and how to see whether the person suffered from illness. 

Please note that the number of visitors is limited. 

Archaeology is more than excavating! Digital archaeologist Chiara Piccoli will introduce you to the use of virtual reality and 3D applications in the study of the past. Furthermore, you are invited to join an excavation in VR!


You are advised to come to the Van Steenis Building by bike or public transport. There are no parking facilities in the building’s grounds. 

There will also be tuk-tuks running between the Faculty and the National Museum of Antiquities on 12 October, making it that bit easier to get to the Faculty.

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