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PhD defence

Uit Leidse dozen. Brochures als medium in de discussies tussen protestantse modernen en katholieken, 1840-1870

Tuesday 17 September 2019
Rapenburg 73
2311 GJ Leiden

A widespread, passionate debate in the Netherlands around 1840 concerned the 'ʹnew'ʹ Protestant theology. The various positions in this discussion were all related to the possibility or impossibility of reconciling Christianity with the latest developments in the sciences, philosophy, and Bible criticism. Underneath all arguments were the big questions about the relationship between faith and science, between the Gospel and modern culture, and the status of 'ʹtruth'ʹ. The Protestant modernists wanted to remain Christians and saw themselves as the true heirs of the Reformation ushering in a new, widely accepted form of Christianity. They had to defend themselves against adversaries from widely different corners: orthodox Protestants, freethinkers, and Roman Catholics.

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  • Prof.dr. E.G.E. van der Wall


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