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Lecture | seminar

Interacting with Robots and AI

Thursday 28 November 2019
Kamerlingh Onnes Building
Steenschuur 25
2311 ES Leiden

Due to the novelty of practices and impacts, the development of robot and AI technologies may bring about unclear rules and areas of legal ambiguity. Robots process vast amounts of data, can learn from experience and self-improve their performance, challenging this way, the applicability of existing regulations that were not designed for progressive, adaptive, and autonomous behavior. Moreover, these systems increasingly interact with children, older adults, and persons with disabilities in private, professional, or public settings, although it is not always clear what safeguards are needed to ensure a safe interaction. 

eLaw, Center for Law and Digital Technologies at Leiden University, welcomes leading international scholars with interdisciplinary backgrounds addressing how humans interact with robots and AI-driven technologies. The seminar aims at building bridges between disciplines investigating different aspects of robots and AI technologies and at establishing in-depth conversations reflecting on the use and development of such technologies.

The seminar will be held the 28 Nov 2019 from 13h to 18h in the Lorentzaal of the School of Law of Leiden University (KOG Building, Steenschuur 25, 2311 ES Leiden, Netherlands).

Attendance is free. Please register before November 20. 


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