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Mind Your Data: privacy and legal affairs in e-health

Thursday 26 September 2019
Museum Volkenkunde
Steenstraat 1
2312 BS Leiden

The Health & Well-being group of the VSNU Digital Society invites you to the "Mind Your Data" conference in Leiden.

The ‘Digital Society’ is a research program initiated by the VSNU in which the 14 Dutch Universities work together on the digital future of the Netherlands. Prof. Andrea Evers, head of the Health, Medical and Neuropsychology department is leading the Health & Well-being theme within the Digital Society. She is supported by programme coordinator Julia Henrich, researcher at the Health, Medical and Neuropsychology department. The Health & Well-being theme focuses on the development, evaluation and implementation of integrated and personalized digital healthcare solutions. At the same time, the group consider the societal challenges that digitization poses.

One of the societal challenges concerns privacy issues and legal frameworks that must be taken into account in the successful development of e-health applications. Privacy and Legal matters in e-health are extremely important! The Health & Well-being group of the VSNU research program Digital Society is therefore organizing the "Mind Your Data" congress in Leiden on 26 September 2019. During this congress, privacy issues in e-health are discussed from a practical, ethical, technical and philosophical point of view. Young scientists and companies also have the opportunity to show their e-health intervention in an e-health forum. Among others, Marie-José Bonthuis, Privacy and IT lawyer, and professor Edward Watkins, professor of Experimental and Applied Clinical Psychology at the University of Exeter, will speak at this conference. The congress is aimed at researchers, healthcare professionals and e-health developers. Entrance is free and registration is possible via this link.

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