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Lecture | CMGI Seminar


Friday 6 September 2019
Cleveringaplaats 1
2311 BD Leiden


13:00: Introduction (Andrew Shield)

13:15: Saskia Bonjour (University of Amsterdam): The ‘migrant with poor prospects’: Racialized Intersections of Class and Culture in Dutch Civic Integration Debates

13:30: Discussion

13:45: Ann Wilson, Curious Intersections in the Making of Dutch Sexual Nationalism

13:55: Discussion

 14:05: Break (coffee and tea)

14:20: Marlou Schrover, History of Intersectionality / Intersectionality in History

14:30: Discussion

14:40: Karwan Fatah-Black, How the imperial persona of the House of Orange shaped the racial configuration of the Dutch empire

14:50: Discussion

15:00: Sam de Schutter, ‘The Blind African Contrasted with the European’: Ideas about Disability and Race in Late Colonial Kenya

15:10: Paul van Trigt, international Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (2006))

15:20: Discussion

14:05: Break (coffee and tea)

16:00: Damian Pargas, Fugitive Slaves and the Intersections between Race and Freedom in Antebellum America

16:10: Dario Fazzi, This Land is My Land, or Not? Native American Miners and the Second Uranium Boom

16:20: Discussion

16:40: Eli Heijmans and Sophie Rose, From Impropriety to Betrayal: Legislating Concubinage and Adultery in the Early Modern Dutch Empire

16:50: Jeff Fynn-Paul, The City as Intersectional Locus, and the Effects of this on its Inhabitants

17:00: Discussion

17:20: Closing

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