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Statistics Conference, in honor of Aad van der Vaart's 60th birthday

Monday 17 June 2019 - Friday 21 June 2019
Lange Mare 48
2312 GS Leiden

The conference will bring together collaborators and leading researchers in theoretical and applied statistics. Topics include nonparametric Bayes, high-dimensional/nonparametric statistics and applications of statistics in the life sciences.

Aad van der Vaart

Aad van der Vaart has shaped mathematical statistics through his wide range of contributions including seminal work on empirical processes, likelihood-based methods and semiparametric statistics. He is well known for the Ghosal-Ghosh-van der Vaart theory for nonparametric Bayes. In addition, Aad has been contributing to many fields in applied statistics, in particular, statistical genetics and genomics. He is the author of several excellent books that are standard references and basis of statistics courses worldwide. For his work, Aad received numerous awards and honours.


  • Jim Berger (Duke)
  • Lucien Birgé (Sorbonne Université)
  • Peter Bühlmann (ETH Zürich)
  • Emanuel Candes (Stanford)
  • Ismaël Castillo (Sorbonne Université)
  • Sara van de Geer (ETH Zürich)
  • Ed George (Wharton)
  • Subhashis Ghosal (North Carolina State University)
  • Yongdai Kim (Seoul National University)
  • Vladimir Koltchinskii (Georgia Tech)
  • Mark van der Laan (Berkeley)
  • Judith Lok (Harvard)
  • Gabor Lugosi (Barcelona)
  • Susan Murphy (Harvard)
  • Richard Nickl (Cambridge)
  • Andrew Nobel (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
  • Sonia Petrone (Bocconi University Milano)
  • Dominique Picard (Paris VII)
  • Jamie Robins (Harvard)
  • Judith Rousseau (Oxford)
  • Alexandre Tsybakov (ENSAE, Paris)
  • Stephen Walker (University of Texas)
  • Jon Wellner (University of Washington)
  • Harrison Zhou (Yale)
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