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Lecture | Van Leeuwenhoek Lecture on BioScience

How interactions among multiple stressors affect the ecological and evolutionary trajectories of populations

  • Pamela Yeh (UCLA)
Thursday 23 May 2019
Van Leeuwenhoek Lectures on BioScience
Einsteinweg 55
2333 CC Leiden

All natural populations deal with multiple stressors. Yet there is limited understanding of how populations are impacted by higher-order interactions – more than two stressors.

In this talk Pamela Yeh will explain her new conceptual and experimental work to examine higher-order interactions among antibiotics in bacterial populations. She will also present recent work from her group that shows bacteria likely co-opted ancient stress response mechanisms to extreme temperatures in order to deal with more recent antibiotic stresses. This co-opting avoids the need for de novo evolution of response mechanisms to antibiotics.

About Pamela Yeh
Pamela Yeh received her BA from Harvard University and her PhD from UC San Diego. She is currently an assistant professor at UCLA, and external faculty at Santa Fe Institute. 

Her lab is interested in measuring, understanding, and predicting the ecological and evolutionary trajectories of populations when they encounter novel environments, particularly environments with multiple disturbances or stressors. 
Researchers in her group incorporate field, lab, and theoretical tools in their work.

In the lab, they work on microbial evolution and how bacteria respond to multiple stressors.
In the field, they work on avian urban ecology and evolution.

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