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TEDx Leiden University: through a new lens

Sunday 12 May 2019
Marktsteeg 1
2312 CS Leiden

About the event

The location will be Scheltema in Leiden. The theme of this year’s event is “through a new lens”. The students have been working hard and have organised an event boasting: four sessions of inspirational talks by eight amazing speakers, with complimentary coffee/snack breaks for you to mingle with speakers and fellow attendees; an end-of-day borrel to wrap up an incredible day (your first drink is on the house!) with live jazz music. Find out more about the programme on the website.


Registration and tickets for this event organised by Leiden University students, will go through their website www.tedxleidenuniversity.com.

About the theme, through a new Lens

The TEDx Leiden University student team about this year’s theme: “In our modern world we can be so busy and caught up in ourselves that we sometimes leave prejudices and stale ideas unchallenged in our minds. We want to take a day to leave our preconceptions at the door and enjoy intellectual challenges with old friends and new. We have chosen to explore this theme because we feel strongly that TEDx events should bring people together whilst challenge perceptions.

We hope to encourage our audience to substitute preconceived notions for a new angle and hopefully broaden understandings. Our team aims to put on an event that enables the people of Leiden and The Hague to gain a new perspective on diverse topics and illuminate fresh possibilities about the world around us. When we look ‘Through a New Lens’ we can discover beauty where we previously saw only function, purpose where we used to see nothing.”

More information

All information about the event can be found on the website www.tedxleidenuniversity.com. TEDx Leiden University also has its own Facebook page:
www.facebook.com/TEDxLeidenUniversity, where you can find a nice overview of this year’s speakers.

More information and registration

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