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Moot Court

The Children's Rights Moot Court Competition 2021

Wednesday 9 June 2021 - Friday 11 June 2021
Due to COVID-19, the Children's Rights Moot Court 2021 will be offered online.

The bi-annual Children's Rights Moot Court (CRM) is a three-day online competition, consisting of two days of preliminary rounds, and the final round on the third day. 


The CRM 2021 is open to all university teams, consisting of a minimum of two, and a maximum of four students. Participating students should be actively enrolled in a Bachelor or Master programme of law. They should not possess any professional pleading experience.  Non-law students may be considered eligible, provided that they have a level of legal knowledge suitable to the competition.


Children's Rights Moot Court Structure

The participating student-teams will be pleading a fictitious case which involves a dispute between a state and a child/group of children. This dispute is brought before a fictitious legal organ. It is up to the teams to defend the two parties to the best of their abilities. Each student-team has to represent the Applicant (i.e. child) and the Respondent (i.e. state) respectively, both in writing and through oral arguments.

Each team participating in the moot court competition will prepare an Applicant's memorial and a Respondent's memorial. Each memorial must not exceed 10.000 words.

Children's Rights Moot Court Case

The CRM involves a fictitious case which involves a dispute between a state and a child/group of children. For each edition, Leiden Law School’s Department of Child Law assigns a duly qualified person to draft the case.  Read the case for the CRM 2021 here.

International Panel of Evaluation

All participating teams shall nominate two duly qualified persons to be a member of the International Panel of Evaluation. Each panel member will evaluate three anonymous memorials, excluding the memorial of the nominating team. The nominated persons may not be involved with the nominating team, or its preparations.

Oral Pleadings

During the CRM, each university team will plead four times, twice as Applicant, twice as Respondent. A team will not face another team twice during the preliminary rounds. Each court session consists of ninety (90) minutes of oral pleadings. Applicant and Respondent have forty-five (45) minutes each to plead. Each team may reserve up to ten (10) minutes for rebuttal or surrebuttal Per team, two Counsels will be representing the Applicant and the Respondent.


The order of the pleadings at one moot court session is as follows:

  • Applicant: Counsel 1
  • Applicant: Counsel 2
  • Respondent: Counsel 1
  • Respondent: Counsel 2
  • Rebuttal (Applicant Counsel 1 or 2)
  • Surrebuttal (Respondent Counsel 1 or 2).

Time line

October 2020: Announcement of the Moot Court Case 2021
Thursday 31 December 2020: Registration deadline for teams
Friday 12 February 2021: Submission of nominations for the International Panel of Evaluation
Wednesday 17 March 2021: Submission of Applicant and Respondent memorials via email to the Administrator
Friday 28 May 2021: Teams will receive the Opponent’s Memorials via email
Wednesday 9 June to Friday 11 June 2021: Children's Rights Moot Court Competition


The registration fee is € 975. You can register here.


For all questions relating to the CRM 2021, please contact the moot court administrator:

Ms. Chrisje Sandelowsky-Bosman, LL.M Leiden Law School, Leiden University

E-mail: c.m.sandelowsky@law.leidenuniv.nl


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