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Terrorism and the dilemma of returning foreign fighters

Thursday 9 May 2019
Cleveringaplaats 1
2311 BD Leiden
Room 0.05

ISSA Guest lecture: Terrorism and the dilemma of returning foreign fighters

Terrorism is frequently making headlines all around the world. In the last few years we have heard many stories about the rise and fall of the so-called Islamic State, as well as large numbers of foreign fighters travelling to fight in Syria and Iraq and carrying out terrorist attacks in European cities.

In March, a man shot multiple people in a tram in Utrecht; he is being charged with murder with terrorist intent. What do we know about the terrorist threat in 2019? And which dilemmas and developments can we expect in the years to come?

This lecture will consist of two parts: firstly, the essence and history of terrorism will be discussed. In the second part, we will discuss the issue of foreign fighters. Approximately 300 Dutch citizens have travelled to Syria and Iraq. Currently, dozens of women and children are held in Kurdish camps, together with several other European families. What kind of policies are European countries developing around the return of male fighters, women and children? And what is the Dutch government doing? What should the Dutch government do? We will engage with each other in this contentious debate, as there will be enough time to ask questions and exchange perspectives.

About the speaker: Jeanine de Roy van Zuijdewijn is a Researcher and Lecturer at the Institute of Security and Global Affairs of Leiden University and a Research Fellow of the International Centre for Counter-Terrorism. She has a background in Liberal Arts & Sciences (BA) and International Relations (MA - cum laude).

Her research interests are the impact of terrorism, foreign fighters, threat and lone-actor terrorism. Her current PhD-research focuses on reactions to terrorist attacks. She has published various peer-reviewed articles, book chapters and reports on these topics. Furthermore, she is a board member of the European Expert Network on Terrorism Issues (EENeT), hosted the 2018 EENeT-conference and acted as country-coordinator for the Dutch-Flemish PhD-network of the Terrorism Research Initiative (TRI).


This event is free of charge and open to everyone, but please make sure to register via this link.

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