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“Tales of Technocrats” Photo Exhibition

Tuesday 30 April 2019 - Wednesday 8 May 2019
Opening: 12.00 on 30 April 2019. A free lunch is served on first-come, first-served basis!
Turfmarkt 99
2511 DP The Hague
3rd floor; in front of rooms 2.01 and 2.02


Technocrats believe political decisions should be based on science and expertise rather than on the will of the people. As political and administrative leaders, they have had considerable influence on public policies around the world. They are also key agents in the diffusion of economic ideas across societies. What are their identities, attitudes, and policy ideas? (How) are they connected? What is their legacy?

''Chicago Boys''

The exhibition explores these questions through a collection of photos, from the Pinochet government’s “Chicago Boys” to a Nigerian finance minister who was also the World Bank’s Managing Director to West European technocratic leaders to liberal (and not-so-liberal) reformers in Russia’s roaring 1990s. It is part of a research project “The Global Diffusion and Reshaping of Economic Ideas” conducted by dr. Anar Ahmadov and dr. Johan Christensen.

Programme and Contact

The opening of the exhibition is on Tuesday 30 April 2019 12:00. A lunch is served on first-come, first-served basis! The exhibition will commence with opening remarks by prof. dr. Antoaneta Dimitrova and prof. dr. Kutsal Yesilkagit.

This event is open for the public and press as well as alumni, students and staff from Leiden University and is free of charge.

For questions: please contact us at a.k.o.ahmadov@luc.leidenuniv.nl.

Sponsor: Leiden University Global Interactions

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