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Grotius Dialogue - Leena Grover - The Changing Face Of Transitional Justice

  • Leena Grover
Monday 15 April 2019
Turfmarkt 99
2511DP The Hague

The Changing Face Of Transitional Justice From National Determined Goals To International Standards

This Grotius Dialogue will build on an article that Leena Grover has submitted for review, as well as ongoing research building up to a grant proposal.  Come help our colleague from Tilburg develop her work!

Abstract: What relationship does international law have to transitional justice and what role has the United Nations (UN) played in shaping that relationship? The international legal history of this concept reveals that the UN has shifted from relying on international law to support nationally determined transitional justice efforts to expecting States to conform to a growing body of international legal standards it has set in this field. The turn to international law’s hegemony and the UN’s managerialism in this field has given rise to understandings of transitional justice that can marginalize large-scale past abuses of concern to members of transitioning societies. Over time, the UN has expanded the scope of its work and scholars have recommended means for capturing marginalized content. However, these measures seem to be partial at best, as they disrupt neither international law’s hegemony nor the UN’s managerial role in this field, which are key normative constraints.

The Grotius Dialogues are an opportunity for scholars and practitioners of public international law to present ongoing research and receive feedback from peers in a collegial environment.

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