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Dusane symposium

Wednesday 24 April 2019
Van Steenis
Einsteinweg 2
2333 CC Leiden
Main hall

Join the Dutch Symposium of the Ancient Near East on the 24th of April at the Faculty of Archaeology.


12:00-12:10 | Welcome

12:10-13:00 | Dr. Miriam Müller
The Origin of the Hyksos: From the Upper Khabur to the Nile.

13:00-13:45 | Prof. dr. A. F. de Jong
A Religion for the Parthians.

13:45-14:15 | Break and poster session

14:15-15:00 | Dr. C. Çakirlar
Hidden Hybrids: Camels and Cultural Blending in the Ancient Near East. 

15:00-15:45 | P. Bes
Kinneret Regional Project: Excavations at Horvat Kur 2008, 2010-2018

15:45-16:00 | Break

16:00-16:45 | J.C. Russell
Lifting the Western Lens: Results from a Comparative Investigation of Ancient Egyptian and Traditional Chinese Medicine

16:45-18:00 | Closing speech and thanks, followed by drinks

After the symposium there will be the opportunity to taste a modernized ancient Near Eastern beer recipe followed by drinks and snacks.

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