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CPP Annual Lecture with Tommie Shelby: "Prison Abolition: the limits of functional critique."

Thursday 18 April 2019
CPP Colloquia 2018-2019
P.J. Veth
Nonnensteeg 1-3
2311 VJ Leiden

The Center for Political Philosophy in Leiden is pleased to announce a talk by

Tommie Shelby

Tommie Shelby

About the lecture

Prisons are problematic institutions. Some believe that prisons are too soft on the inmates and insufficiently deterrent. Other argue rather that prisons harden inmates into worse people and do not contribute to a safer society. They also argue that the prison system affects minorities harder than the majority groups in society. Not only are they inefficient, they are also unjust. Some radical thinkers in the USA, most notably Angela Davis, argue that prisons should be abolished altogether. In his lecture, Shelby will evaluate this radical criticism in order to determine whether and if so what type of prison reforms are desirable.

About Tommie Shelby

Tommie Shelby is Caldwell Titcomb Professor of African and African American Studies and of Philosophy at Harvard University. He is the author of Dark Ghettos: Injustice, Dissent, and Reform (2016); We Who Are Dark: The Philosophical Foundations of Black Solidarity (2005) and editor (with Derrick Darby) of Hip Hop and Philosophy: Rhyme 2 Reason (2005). In addition to these books, he has publishe seval articles and book chapters in the area of Africana and African-American philosophy.

Tommie Shelby is an important philosophical voice in the current debates about racism and racial justice in the USA. This will be his first visit to the Netherlands.

About the Center for Political Philosophy (CPP) Colloquia Series

Attendance of the Annual Lecture is free and there is no need to register. See https://www.universiteitleiden.nl/en/humanities/centre-for-political-philosophy for more information. For further questions please contact dr. Dorota Mokrosinska at d.m.mokrosinska@phil.leidenuniv.nl

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