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The Social Animal

Thursday 14 March 2019
Tivoli Vredenburg
Vredenburgkade 11
3511 WC Utrecht
Cloud Nine

At 'The Social Animal' fifteen social-psychologists give talks about the latest revelations of their research. There is a strict timing: every speaker uses 20 slides of 20 seconds each. This is the recipe for quick and stimulating presentations!

Crime scene

The programme will be held in Dutch but the majority of the talks will be in English. Our own Lotte van Dillen will have a talk about crime scene studies

Other topics that will be discussed are among others:

  • Can you smell fear?
  • Why do people believe in conspiracy theories?
  • When and how do people radicalize?
  • What can you really tell from someone's facial expressions?


Order your tickets for 8 euros for The Social Animal

For more information see the facebook event The Social Animal

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