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Lecture | Kaiser Spring Lecture

Moons Beyond the Solar System

Saturday 23 March 2019
Oude Sterrewacht
Sterrenwachtlaan 11
2311 GW Leiden

There are over 170 moons in our Solar System, ranging from ice worlds through to rocky surfaces. More than one shows signs of geysers and there is one with volcanic activity. It’s reasonable to assume that many planets that orbit other stars in our Galaxy have moons too. 50 years after the first Moon landing we are close to confirming the presence of exomoons around planets outside our Solar system. Leiden researcher Matthew Kenworthy will present the different ways we are looking for those exomoons. He will also explain what they can tell us about how planets and moons form and he will speculate when we will make the first positive detection.


The lecture starts at 14:00 and is meant for general public. After the lecture there is an opportunity to ask questions. For those who want to, there is the possibility to participate in a guided tour through the Old Observatory.

13:15  Doors open (coffee and tea available)
14:00 Lecture incl. 15 minutes for questions
15:15 Guided tour of the Old Observatory
16:00 End


The tickets for the lecture cost € 4.00 per person. If you also want to take the guided tour, you can buy a combination ticket for € 8, -.

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Four Saturdays full of astronomy

The Leiden Astronomical Student Society 'F. Kaiser 'and the Leiden Old Observatory organise the traditional Kaiser Spring Lectures, the annual series of lectures for the general public. Four experts from both Leiden University and abroad will come to the Old Observatory to give a lecture on a central theme for the promotion of astronomy.

In honour of the 50-year jubilee of the moon landing, the theme this year is 'Back to the Moon'.

Two of these four lectures will be in English.


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