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Joint Session ACPA-PhD Candidates - Interdisciplinarity

Thursday 21 March 2019 - Friday 22 March 2019
P.J. Veth building
Nonnensteeg 1-3

Joint session

On March 21 and 22, 2019 ACPA will host a joint doctoral session for PhD candidates of the PhDArts programme and the docARTES programme, but also other ACPA affiliated candidates . Within this session our PhD researchers coming from the visual arts and design as well as the music and sound domains, delve into aspects of artistic research that are relevant for both strands.

This doctoral session is part of both the regular yearly PhDArts collegium programs and the regular yearly docARTES sessions (compulsory for all 1st year docARTES candidates, optional as a focus session for PhD candidates in later years). 

The session will start on Thursday 21 at 10 AM at the P.J.Veth Building in Leiden University. It will involve lectures by Marcel Cobussen, Janneke Wesseling and Edwin van der Heijde, break-out sessions, a small writing assignment, presentations by PhD Candidates and by two ACPA Alumni. Activities conclude on Friday 22 at 15.30 followed by drinks.

We think this will be a unique opportunity for our PhD candidate to get acquainted with notions, practices, and methodologies being developed in artistic research within different artistic areas and to stimulate the interaction between the PhD candidates from these areas.


The joint session of docArtes and PhDArts in March 2019 is dedicated to the subject of interdisciplinarity.

Even though this term -  as are related notions such as multi-disciplinarity, pluri-disciplinarity, cross-disciplinarity, and trans-disciplinarity - is difficult to define and might have multiple meanings, the important question for us who are in the field of artistic research, is: what is the significance of interdisciplinarity for artistic research? This question may be followed by a counter-question: is it possible to do artistic research without being interdisciplinary?

Musicians, (visual) artists, and designers venture out into different fields of knowledge for inspiration and for developing a proper methodology.

Within this context, interdisciplinarity may be briefly described as the requirement to connect with different (other) fields of knowledge and/ or practices. Or, as geneticist and interdisciplinarian Moti Nissani puts it: interdisciplinarity in research means “bringing together distinctive components of two or more disciplines, in the search or creation of new knowledge, operations, or artistic expressions.”[1]

Thus, the goal of our interdisciplinary endeavours is to gain fresh insights, to develop new theoretical concepts and/or methodologies, and to bring about creative change in our thinking.

This joint ACPA session will be dedicated to the exploration of interdisciplinarity and its significance for our research projects.

[1] Moti Nissani: ‘Ten Cheers for interdisciplinarity: The Case for Interdisciplinary Knowledge and Research’. In: The Social Science Journal, vol. 34, nr. 2, 1997, p. 201 – 216.




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