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Combatting racism and discrimination, a view from the European Parliament

  • Alfiaz Vaiya
Friday 1 March 2019
Kamerlingh Onnes Building
Steenschuur 25
2311 ES Leiden

The Europa Institute of Leiden Law School and the LGBT+ Network of Leiden University invite you to a lecture by

Alfiaz Vaiya
coordinator of the European Parliament’s Anti-Racism and Diversity Intergroup (ARDI)

“Combatting racism and discrimination, a view from the European Parliament”

Mr. Vaiya has been actively involved in the European Parliament’s work to combat racism and discrimination on all grounds. As the coordinator of ARDI since September 2015, he has been working to advance the implementation of the Race Equality Directive, Employment Equality Directive, and the Framework Decision on Racism and Xenophobia. Moreover, he has worked on important and complex new legislation and policies such as the EU Directive on Counterterrorism and the Common European Asylum System.

Alfiaz Vaiya

Outside of work, Mr. Vaiya is the Co-convener of the Transatlantic Minority Political Leadership Conference (TMPLC) and General Secretary of the Belgian Inclusive Leaders Network (B-Inc). Through both of these initiatives, he helps to develop the capacity and knowledge of inclusive leaders to serve their respective communities and help build movements through identifying accelerators that can create inclusive societies. He is a co-organiser of the Me Too EP campaign group, which calls for action to tackle sexual harassment and abuse.

Before he joined ARDI, Alfiaz worked on non-discrimination issues for civil society organisations in London and Brussels as well as in the European Parliament. Alfiaz has an LLB in Law from Leeds Metropolitan University and Masters in International Relations: Global Economic Governance from the University of Birmingham.

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