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BNR News Radio: The Big Russia Show

Thursday 28 March 2019
Turfmarkt 99
2511 DP The Hague
Spanish Steps

BNR de Wereld will be devoted entirely to Russia on Thursday 28 March. 5 years after the annexation of Crimea, relations between Russia and the West have become strongly soured. How is that country doing and do the Russians want to interfere even further in the affairs of countries such as Ukraine? And what about the EU's attitude towards Russia, especially now that America is no longer the partner it once was? We will discuss it with Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, former Secretary General of NATO, and with Russia expert Hubert Smeets. Students are welcome to attend the broadcast from 3 pm to 4 pm on the Spanish Steps at the Governance and Global Affairs faculty of Leiden University in The Hague. After the live broadcast it is possible to ask questions. This is possible in both Dutch and English.

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