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ARC online session: Mirrors, Portals, and Probes: Artistic Research and its Translation Devices

  • Benedikt Wöppel
  • China Blue
  • Alice dos Reis
Monday 4 February 2019

Mirrors, Portals, and Probes: Artistic Research and its Translation Devices

On Monday February 4th at 19:00 (Amsterdam time), ARC goes ONLINE for the first time!

ARC (art_research_convergence) is a platform for artistic research initiated by Leiden University's Academy of Creative and Performing Arts (ACPA).


Previous ARC events were built around the interaction in situ between the artist and the audience. This event is different in that regard. This time, the artists and the audience will be meeting online via WebEx, a software similar to Skype designed to host webinars. In practical terms, this means that you don't have to be in The Netherlands to participate. You can join through a link that gives you access to a virtual meeting room. The discussion takes place there, pretty much as if it was a group video chat.

Join us via WebEx: https://lnkd.in/dF6tv2d

Artistic research tends to occur in the interstitial spaces between different types of knowledge, different forms of communication, and even between different qualities of consciousness. An artistic researcher, then, will often find herself translating and interpreting amongst disparate disciplines, epistemologies, languages and actors.

In this ARC session, we meet three such researchers whose work attempts to find resonance between the seemingly oppositional realms of magic and reality via the reflective device of the contemporary Tarot card; between humans and non-humans via the empathetic portal of cuteness; and between visuals collected in space and sound transmitted on earth via the probing capacity of NASA’s Cassini spacecraft.

Furthermore, since this final ARC session is to be broadcast online only, we will explore some of the qualitative differences between the online and offline spaces in which artistic research is created, disseminated, and understood.


  • Benedikt Wöppel- Media Tarot- Performance/Lecture
  • China Blue- Sounds of Saturn’s Rings- Audio Exhibition
  • Alice dos Reis- Slimy Fillings- Lecture
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