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Student for a day Vitality and Ageing

Tuesday 1 January 2019 - Monday 1 April 2019
LUMC Education Building
Hippocratespad 21
2333 ZD Leiden

Be a Student for a Day at the Master’s Vitality and Ageing in Leiden

Being a “Student for a Day” is a great opportunity to get to know the master’s Vitality and Ageing. The master’s programme organises individual Student for A Day events throughout the year.

Every interested student in Vitality and Ageing is welcome to apply for the Student for a Day experience.

How to apply

You can sign up by emailing our Student Ambassador Odile Vermeulen: studentambassadorVA@lumc.nl. Together with our student ambassador, you will pick a date when the student for a day takes place.


If you have questions about the becoming a student for a day or about the master’s programme, you can contact our Studyadvisor (studieadviseurva@lumc.nl)  or student ambassador Odile (studentambassadorva@lumc.nl).

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