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The Bronze Age: an economy of destruction

Thursday 17 January 2019
Niels Bohrweg 2
2333 CA Leiden
De Sitter hall


What inspired prehistoric Europeans to systematically throw away their bronze objects? Four thousand years ago people used bronze in many parts of the world. From this precious metal they made axes, swords, jewelry and more. But in Northwest Europe they destroyed their bronze objects by throwing them into marshes and rivers on a large scale. Very mysterious.

In this lecture, top archaeologist David Fontijn will take you along in his VICI research into the distant past of the European Bronze Age. Behind the bizarre, prehistoric 'economy of destruction' appears to be a very rational explanation. It also provides insights into our contemporary economy: how rational are we?

This lecture is in Dutch. For more info about the lecture, please read our Dutch page.

About David Fontijn

David Fontijn is Professor Archeology of Early Europe at the Leiden Faculty of Archeology. Since his studies and PhD trajectory in Leiden, he immerses himself in the early agricultural societies of Europe, with special attention to the Bronze Age and (early) Iron Age. He has won several prizes such as a VICI grant in 2015. He is currently running the VICI project 'Economies of destruction'.

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