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Debate | Artistic Research forum

Platform for Artistic Research: ARC on Social Engagement

Monday 5 November 2018
The sessions have free admission.
De Nieuwe Regentes
Weimarstraat 63
2562 GR Den Haag


Students, staff and alumni are welcome to join the fourth session of art_research_convergance (ARC), an outreach initiative of Leiden University for artistic research. ARC hosts exhibitions, installations, lectures and performances every first Monday of the month in the cultural hotspots in The Hague. 

Social Engagement

The arts have always played the role of criticizing and questioning our everyday reality. By doing that, they allow us to discover what we have in common, what makes us human.

A society cannot come to its full potential without the arts. Today however, the arts are often institutionalized and locked up in the ivory tower of sophistication. At the same time, they suffer from declining funding and governmental support. Classical music, dance and visual arts tend to become museum pieces that are just accessible or understandable for the elite. How can the arts have a meaningful voice in todays society? How can music, dance and visual arts embody connection? How should we educate the next generation of artist to find their voice? Which role can research play?

In this ARC session, we will investigate various ways of social engagement through the arts and see how music, dance and visual arts can bridge the gap between performers and audiences, different cultures, old, young, animals and humans. In four presentations, we will hear how a group of musicians enriches a ‘forgotten’ neighborhood of The Hague with new cultural traditions, how two dancers allow immigrants find moments of meeting through dance and movement, how elderly people feel less lonely by sharing their lives with a dog, and how a collective of musicians and visual artist challenge existing conventions of performance.




Natalie Heller and Marianthi Michailidou- Moments of Meeting

Ilona Sie Dhian Ho- The city Musician

Angela Bartram- Dog and the Elderly

Heloisa Amaral- Restored behavior, fluid roles


Curator: Matthea de Muynck
Respondent: Veerle Spronck

Season 2018

Season 2018 consists of three sessions where selected artist-researchers present their work. This is done through exhibitions, installations, lectures and performances. These two-hour sessions take place on the first Monday of each month in cultural hotspots in The Hague:

De Nieuwe Regentes - 5 November - 19.00-21.00

Korzo Theater - 3 December - 19.00-21.00

Online session - date and time t.b.d.

Design: Rik Speel
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