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PhD defence

Measurement Numeracy Education for Prospective Elementary School Teachers

Tuesday 27 November 2018
Academy Building
Rapenburg 73
2311 GJ Leiden

Effects of inductive and deductive teaching on classroom interaction and student performance

Many students, even in higher education, have difficulty keeping up with elementary school mathematics. This is also true for students at teacher training colleges, who are expected to teach mathematics to elementary school children later on. These students are more likely to perform worse if they lack numeracy skills. The measurement aspect leaves the most room for improvement. As previous research suggested that classroom interaction has positive effects on student performance in mathematics, this dissertation examines classroom interaction in two contrasting didactic approaches (deductive and inductive) to the teaching of the measurement aspect of numeracy to students of an elementary school teacher training college.

After evaluating the dimensionality of measurement numeracy, an instrument was developed to measure students’ measurement numeracy (before and after a lesson series), and two lesson series were developed: one with a pure deductive didactic approach, and one with a pure inductive didactic approach. After reporting student performance and measurements of classroom interaction time and teacher question types, the effect of the didactic approach and the teacher on classroom interaction time, on the teachers’ question type, and on students’ learning gains was estimated.

The main conclusion is that the inductive didactic approach induced more stimulating questions and more classroom interaction time than the deductive approach, but there was no teacher effect, and no differential effect on students’ learning gains.


  • Prof. W.J. Heiser


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