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Leiden Theoretical Philosophy Colloquium with Sander Verhaegh, Two Dogmas of Empiricism

Thursday 22 November 2018
Past events 2018
P.J. Veth
Nonnensteeg 1-3
2311 VJ Leiden

The Leiden Theoretical Philosophy Colloquium Series is pleased to announce a lecture by

Sander Verhaegh

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‘"Two Dogmas of Empiricism" from a Historical Point of View’

W.V. Quine’s “Two Dogmas of Empiricism” is often considered to be a turning point in the history of analytic philosophy. In rejecting the analytic-synthetic distinction, Quine paved the way for a novel perspective on logic, mathematics, and the relation between science and philosophy. In this paper, I reconstruct the development of Quine’s views about analyticity, starting with his first meetings with Carnap in 1932 and ending with his adoption of a naturalistic philosophy in the late 1950s. Building on a wealth of unpublished letters, notes, and lectures from the Harvard University Archives, I argue that a better understanding of Quine’s development can help us to get a clearer perspective on his aims, views, and arguments in “Two Dogmas”.


Sander Verhaegh is an assistant professor at the Tilburg Center for Logic, Ethics, and Philosophy of Science (TiLPS) at Tilburg University. His work on the history of analytic philosophy has been published in, among others, the Journal of the History of Philosophy, Erkenntnis, Philosophers' Imprint, Synthese, and the Australasian Journal of Philosophy. His monograph Working from Within: The Nature and Development of Quine’s Naturalism will appear next month at Oxford University Press.

Leiden Theoretical Philosophy Series

The aim of the series is to present lectures expressing non-standard views on philosophical questions relating to knowledge, truth, science, logic, metaphysics, and the mind, including their history.

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