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Chinese Dreams. IIAS Annual Lecture by Ruben Terlou

Tuesday 20 November 2018
Rode Hoed
Keizersgracht 102
1015 CV Amsterdam

Chinese Dreams: The Human Face of Changing China

The Annual Lecture of the International Institute for Asian Studes (IIAS) at Leiden University will be delivered in the Rode Hoed in Amsterdam on 20 November 2018 by Ruben Terlou. All welcome (registration required). Reception afterwards.


Ruben Terlou (1985) is a prize-winning photographer and documentary filmmaker and a medical doctor. He studied Mandarin in China and Medicine at the University of Amsterdam. He has worked extensively as a photographer in China and Afghanistan and has won several Dutch Silver Camera Awards and the price for Innovative Photojournalism (2016). His television debut was his successful and highly popular six-episode documentary series 'Along the Banks of the Yangtze' (2016) in which he travels upstream along the longest river of Asia. Terlou’s endearing personality, combined with his fluent Chinese, resulted in deeply personal portraits. In 2018, his second documentary series, 'Through the Heart of China',  received 1.5 million viewers each episode (Netherlands) and offered a very intimate view of the human face of contemporary China. 

The Lecture

In a country where developments take place faster than the population can comprehend and internalise, unusual situations arise in daily life. In his address, titled, 'Chinese Dreams: The Human Face of Changing China', Terlou will share his thoughts on modern-day China, his personal experiences and his photographs. Most importantly, he shows what fascinates and drives him most: the human condition and the adaptability of the people to the enormous changes taking place, while simultaneously showing how they stay faithful to their culture and all things in which they believe.




Registration is required. Please use the web form available on our website: https://iias.asia

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