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The Resurgence of the Human Rights Debate in Latin America

  • Professor Carlos Peña
Thursday 11 October 2018
Academy Building
Rapenburg 73
2311 GJ Leiden
Klein Auditorium

Prof. Carlos Peña is Rector of the Universidad Diego Portales at Santiago de Chile. In his talk Prof. Peña will deal the interplay existing between the level of respect and protection of human rights, on the one hand, and the political situation in Latin America, on the other. Special attention will be paid to the following questions: Do the current leftwing projects existing in the region exert any influence on the current situation of Human Rights? Until the 1980s, the problems of human rights were mainly the product of military dictatorships. Has the problem today been transferred to the leftist governments of the region? Which factors allow us to explain that phenomenon? Or is the nature of the existing the Latin American institutions more decisive than the political orientation of governments in determining the state of affairs with respect to human rights?

His lecture will be commented by Prof. Cristóbal Kay (Erasmus University / ISS) and Dr Daniela Vicherat (Leiden University College at The Hague). This will be followed by a general discussion. This academic gathering will be closed with a cocktail.

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