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PhD defence

Katholiek in de Republiek. Subcultuur en tegencultuur in Nederland, 1570-1750

Thursday 25 October 2018
Rapenburg 73
2311 GJ Leiden

Through the lens of individual believers, and on the basis of their own literary and visual output, this thesis investigates how post-Reformation Catholics in the Dutch Republic understood themselves. Offering for the first time a systematic and long-term approach of the Catholic experience in the Dutch Republic, this thesis participates in an international scholarly debate about early modern Catholicism in Protestant states. In order to analyze how individual Catholics manifested themselves as mediators of Catholic identity and culture, the thesis introduces two theoretical frameworks, subculture and habitus, and is organized around windows that represent new historical methods. It brings to light, among many other things, that Dutch Catholics followed very different paths to adapt to their new social reality, revealing the complex nature of the Catholic subculture. The fact that the dividing lines be tween th e different categories of Catholics were negotiable, adds to the complexity. This thesis further illustrates that Catholics purposely cultivated those parts of their habitus that were detested and ridiculed by the Calvinists, but to which the Calvinists, at the same time, remained receptive. By drawing a comparison with the Generality Lands the dynamics within the Catholic subculture are revealed. As a result of the relatively late stage of their reduction, Catholics in the southern provinces regularly made the transition from sub- to counterculture. Catholic conversions and the Schism of 1723 between Roman- and old Catholics led to renegotiations about membership of the Catholic subculture that affected both its character and its ritual repertoire.


  • Prof.dr. J.S. Pollmann


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