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Lecture | Seminar

“One Great Nation Under Trump? Human Rights and Neoliberalism Amidst American Decline”

Friday 19 October 2018
Cleveringaplaats 1
2311 BD Leiden

Abstract: Is American power in world politics in crisis? If so, why is American power in crisis? What are its implications to the global human rights regime? Exploring the implications of the US political crisis to global politics and international human rights norms, this essay offers two exploratory arguments. First, it argues that the crisis of American decline is caused by the structural deficiencies and injustices that are entrenched in the US neoliberal political economy, a governance model that many countries worldwide have adopted in varying scales and extent of localization. Second, this neoliberal model of governance is fundamentally designed to undermine the human dignity of all individuals, as it engenders severe material inequality within and between nations — an outcome, that, in the long-term, fundamentally undermines international human rights as a language of emancipatory politics. Thus, the crisis of American power is not only a crisis of discursive legitimation as punctuated by the horrendous rhetoric of Trumpism. Rather, the logic of capital accumulation through neoliberal governance has engendered a crisis of distributive injustice within the US and in the world economy — an outcome that has undermined the dignity and rights of people worldwide.

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