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Pop-up lectures on language and speech

Saturday 1 September 2018
Embassy Festival
Lange Voorhout
Den Haag
Container stage

Two Leiden professors will host a pop-up lecture on Saturday 1 September as part of the 2018 Embassy Festival in The Hague.

From mind to mouth: the art of speaking - Professor Niels Schiller

Producing words is probably one of the most complex human cognitive skills. We use language to communicate our thoughts, express feelings and ask questions. To produce the necessary sounds, we need to express air from our lungs through our larynx and move our jaws, tongue and lips in particular ways. How do we transform something as abstract as a thought into something as concrete as a motor movement? Professor Niels Schiller will briefly demonstrate the time course of speech planning. And how amazingly fast we are at producing speech.

Time: 13:05 – 13:25
Location: Container stage

Babies at work: Language under construction! - Professor Claartje Levelt

Language is an essential characteristic of human beings. All of us started to acquire one or more languages from birth - or actually, even before that, in utero! If we think about the complexity of language, the task of acquiring it is daunting. How do babies do that? Professor Levelt will present some key findings from infant and baby studies that show how babies start to crack the language code.

Time: 14:15 - 14:35
Location: Container stage

Pop-up lectures

The university wants to share its knowledge in an accessible way with the city of The Hague. We are therefore organising a series of pop-up lectures in 2018, during festivals or in small-scale places like libraries where people met up. This is one of the ways the university is trying to reach people who might not naturally have access to scientific knowledge.

An overview of all the coming pop-up lectures can be found in our events calendar.


Please contact Ellen Ruifrok if you have any further questions on the pop-up lectures.


The Embassy Festival

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