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Pop-up lecture on plastic pollution

Saturday 8 September 2018
Festival Het Circus - Wijkpark De Verademing
Asmansweg 102
Den Haag

Plastic pollution: what are the effects on the environment?

How much plastic ends up in the environment each year? What are the effects of all this plastic on animals? How many microplastics are found on the beaches of The Hague? And what are the risks of these microplastics to humans and the environment? These are just some of the questions that will be addressed by Associate Professor of Environmental Science Thijs Bosker from Leiden University College/the Institute of Environmental Sciences.

This lecture will be in Dutch.

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For more information on Festival Het Circus: www.hetcircus.me

Pop-up lectures

The University wants to share its knowledge with the city in a low-threshold way. It is therefore holding ten pop-up lectures in 2018 at festivals and smaller meeting places. It therefore hopes to reach people who do not generally have access to academic knowledge. The pop-up lectures are about a diverse range of subjects: from nutrition to stress and the origin of our DNA.
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