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Mycorrhizae | networks of power and influence (Symposium)

  • Martin Bidartondo
  • Hans Cornelissen
  • Melanie Roy
Monday 29 October 2018
Van Steenis
Einsteinweg 2
2333 CC Leiden

On 29 October, at 15.30 we organize a symposium “Networks of Power and Influence” devoted to the world-oldest and the most wide-spread symbiotic relationship – mycorrhiza. Mycorrhiza is a mutualistic relationship between plant and fungi possessed by the great majority of terrestrial plants. This intriguing relationship plays important role in shaping ecosystem functioning, biogeochemical cycles and ecosystem services. Within the symposium three world-famous ecologists Martin Bidartondo (Imperial College London), Hans Cornelissen (VU-University Amsterdam), and Melanie Roy (Université Paul Sabatier Toulouse) will present their works on ecology and evolution of mycorrhiza.

The Symposium is co-organized by the triple E team and Dr. Nadia Soudzilovskaia. The venue will be in the Van Steenis building at 15:30h.

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