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A sustainable future for agriculture?

  • Wouter van Eck
Thursday 27 September 2018
Van Steenis
Einsteinweg 2
2333 CC Leiden

Modern agriculture relies largely on monocultures that require highly intensive machinery, chemicals annual fertilization. In summary: lots of work and (fossil) fuel use. Based on current developments, experts predict dramatic changes in agriculture by 2050. How these changes will play out is difficult to say. However, all scenarios will likely influence our day to day lives.

One of those scenarios is the increase of local food production. In the first lecture in this series on the future for sustainable farming, Wouter van Eck will come to talk about food forests that people are starting all over Europe. We’re all familiar with the concept of forests — lush ecosystems that are, teeming with life. So, you’re probably wondering how this may work – combining food production and a forest ecosystem? What are the benefits and is it more productive or cost effective than regular commercial agricultural system? Can it feed a growing world population? We’ll discuss all these topics during the lecture on the 27th of September.

However, in contrast to other the other lectures, this lecture will be at 13:30 in Van Steenis. Afterwards there is a possibility to visit a young food forest – and continue the discussion. The excursion leaves at 14:45 from the front of the Van Steenis building.

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