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Snakebite conference

Thursday 21 June 2018 - Friday 22 June 2018
Breestraat 60
2311 CS Leiden

More than 125,000 people die each year as a result of a venomous snakebite. The number of people with severe permanent injury or disability is two to three times higher. That is about 450,000 new victims per year.

The African and Asian rural areas are the most affected. Many hundreds or thousands of victims remain untreated. Victims who survive the bite have no guarantee of full recovery. Survivors have permanent injuries, often financial and psychological problems. The financial burden forces families to sell the few assets that they have. Families and entire communities are affected: victims are often no longer able to provide an income.

Naturalis Biodiversity Center organizes, with partners like Leiden University, the conference 'Snakebite - from science to society' on 21 and 22 June 2018 in Leiden. A multidisciplinary event that aims to draw attention to this devastating, neglected tropical disease and that stimulates finding solutions and international action for the prevention and treatment of snakebite.

We are not only looking for snake experts

You may work with snakes, snake venom or in the field of medical care and first aid. But it is also possible that you normally have nothing to do with snakes or (anti) snake venom. We do not organize a regular (scientific) conference. We are looking for participants (students and researchers) because you have expertise in areas such as ICT, data mining, data science, life sciences, biodiversity, innovative technologies, policy making or education.

By exchanging knowledge, we can come up with solutions that have a direct impact on the problems with snakebite in the tropics.

Join us! Share your knowledge and sign up

More information about the conference can be found on snakebite.naturalis.nl. In order to ensure that as many professionals and students as possible can attend, we do not require registration fees, only a small contribution of € 35 per day for food and drinks.

Interested? Share your knowledge on Facebook and LinkedIn and register now!


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