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Leiden Symposium: Equity, redemption and release in ancient legal traditions

Friday 8 June 2018
Johan Huizinga
Doelensteeg 16
2311 VL Leiden
Conference room

This one-day symposium is convened for ancient historians, legal historians, and students of the ancient Near East and Mediterranean more generally. It aims to trace in a range of different legal traditions, some of which are distant in space and time, the "equity" phenomenon, whereby legal practice on the ground is amended or corrected by a variety of means in order to obtain a different desired outcome. The ability of persons to recover property previously sold or pledged under distress - the so-called right of redemption - belongs here, as do instances of royal enactments designed to release entrenched debts. Yet the phenomenon is wider than this and includes special or innovative protections for particular groups or classes of person. Case studies will be presented from different periods of Mesopotamian history, from Egypt, as well as epigraphic Roman evidence. The broad range of the papers, and the different specialisms of the participants is intended to open up comparative discussion and perspectives among scholars of the ancient world. 

The symposium is supported by the Ancient Worlds Network, Leiden, and the Leiden Institute for Area Studies.

For delegate registration or queries, please email Stephen Moore: s.a.moore@hum.leidenuniv.nl

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