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Philosophy of Love in the Context of Russian Philosophy

  • Lenka Naldoniová
Thursday 28 June 2018
P.J. Veth
Nonnensteeg 1-3
2311 VJ Leiden

The Institute for Philosophy is pleased to announce a lecture by

Lenka Naldoniová


Russian religious philosopher Vladimir Solovyov (1853 – 1900), who is considered the “father" of Russian philosophy, once wrote a book entitled The Meaning of Love (1892 – 1894), where he focused on love as eros. Solovyov influenced many Russian thinkers of the “Silver Age", which ended with the 1917 Russian revolution. Philosopher, theologian, mathematician, inventor Pavel Florensky (1882 – 1937) continued the work of  Solovyov. Florensky too focused on love, but on love as philia or friendship, in his book The Pillar and Ground of the Truth (1914). We will compare eros and philia with other kinds of love (agape, storge) to understand better the differences between, and the importance of, two concepts of love.
Vladimir Solovyov and Pavel Florensky were important Russian philosophers, who opposed materialistic tendencies before the revolution and who were censored during the Soviet period.


Lenka Naldoniová is assistant professor at the Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Arts, University of Ostrava (Czech Republic); she focuses mainly on Russian philosophy (V. Solovjov, P. Florenskij, sophiology, Russian symbolists, Russian cosmism etc.). She holds degrees in Russian and English language and literature and in Philosophy from the Università Roma Tre. She received her doctoral degree in Philosophy at the University of Vienna. She has written monographs Eros and its Metamorphosis (2010) and Russian Sophiology and the Eternal Feminine (2012).

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